Double Island Point lighthouse is available as a holiday rental.
Double Island Point lighthouse is available as a holiday rental. Barry Leddicoat

Rent a cute lighthouse

IT COULD be the best location for a holiday on the Sunshine Coast. And the good news is anyone can enjoy a private $450-a-week getaway at the Double Island Point lighthouse.

But you need to be a member of the Noosa Parks Association.

Vice-president Michael Gloster said membership had nothing to do with a person’s “green credentials”. It was about insurance.

Mr Gloster said anyone could pay the $25 a year membership fee, but applicants would need to support the NPA’s “objectives”.

These included “the preservation and conservation of the natural environment in Noosa, the creation and extension of the National Parks and the pursuit of a sustainable built environment”.

Member for Gympie David Gibson has criticised the NPA for limiting the use of the publicly-owned lighthouse facility it has leased from the state government for the past 10 years, to members only.

“When the government put it out to tender it was so anyone in the community could access the facility, not just Noosa Parks’ members,” Mr Gibson said.

Mr Gloster said the NPA had certain provisions to keep under its contract with the state government.

It had to restore and maintain the heritage-listed buildings, provide an interpretive service, maintain the grounds, provide round-the-clock caretaking presence and remove significant weed infestation.

Mr Gloster said they could only be confident this was delivered by using NPA volunteers.

“At Double Island Point we rely on our members doing the voluntary work necessary for us to meet our contract obligations,” he said.

“To be able to get insurance coverage at affordable rates, all volunteers must be NPA members.”

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