Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby

Indonesian official says suicidal Corby feared prison return

SCHAPELLE Corby tried to kill herself when an Indonesian official informed her that the government might send her back to prison.

Sunar Agus, head of the Bali Correctional Division, said the former Gold Coast beauty therapist appeared unstable and tried to slash her wrist twice with a knife when he met with her Monday night.

Corby, 35, was released on parole last month after spending nine years in a Bali prison on charges of smuggling 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Indonesia in 2005.

Indonesian Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin said that the government is evaluating whether Corby's parole terms were violated by an interview her sister Mercedes gave to the Seven Network.

Indonesian authorities had warned Corby that any interview by her could breach her parole conditions, which stipulate she must not cause unrest.

Mercedes' claims, in the interview, that Corby is innocent and that the marijuana in her bag could have come from Indonesia, sparked huge debate and disquiet in political and judicial circles.

During the show, Mercedes spoke of Schapelle's mental health struggles while in prison, describing her at her lowest point as a "zombie".

"We had to hand feed her for months," Mercedes said.

"She couldn't speak. She was like a zombie walking to and from her room."

The convicted drug smuggler must remain in Indonesia until 2017 and can be returned to prison to complete her sentence during that time.

Agus said he visited Corby to check on her and inform her that her parole might be revoked because of her sister's interview with Australian Channel Seven.

"I felt our communication was not smooth and her body language indicated she was unstable," Agus said.

He said Corby ran twice to the kitchen to get a knife and attempted to cut her wrist, but was stopped by her sister and prison officials.

Earlier, Channel Ten reporter Hugh Riminton used Twitter to report Bali's head of corrections Sunar Agus said that Corby had "tried to kill herself with a knife."

Corby's sister, Mercedes, has told Channel Nine the report was incorrect. 

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