Kingsthorpe crash woman was 20-year-old from Dalby

UPDATE: The 20-year-old woman killed in a crash yesterday was from Dalby, police have confirmed.

Police are investigating the fatal traffic crash which occurred in Yalangur yesterday afternoon.

At around 12.30pm a sedan collided into a utility at the intersection of Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd and Yalangur-Lillyvale Road.

The female driver of the sedan, a 20-year-old woman from Dalby was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The male driver of the utility was transported to Toowoomba Hospital with minor injuries.

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating. 

Woman killed in Kingsthorpe crash: 3rd fatality in 3 days
Woman killed in Kingsthorpe crash: 3rd fatality in 3 days

THURSDAY 4.30PM: A young woman has become the third person to die on the region's roads in three days.

The 20-year-old died at the scene of the crash at the intersection of Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd and Yalangur-Lilyvale Rd when her vehicle and a LandCruiser ute collided about 12.30pm today.

Forensic Crash Unit investigators are working to determine the cause of the crash at the notorious intersection north of Kingsthorpe.

"A vehicle travelling in a westerly direction has collided with a LandCruiser ute travelling in a northerly direction at the intersection of Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd and Yalangur-Lilyvale Rd," Goombungee police Sergeant Greg Finucane said.

"As a result of the accident, a 20-year-old female has died at the scene due to injuries received upon impact and the male driver of the LandCruiser has been transported to hospital with minor injuries."

Sgt Finucane said the intersection was a known hot spot for serious traffic crashes, a factor which had led to the speed limit being reduced from 100kmh to 80kmh.

"There have been fatalities at this intersection previously and that was what resulted in the changes to road traffic control at this intersection," he said.

"The Forensic Crash Unit are investigating the matter to determine if the vehicles have been driven contrary to the stop sign at the intersection.

"Once again, we (police) are urging people to take care on the road, obey speed limits and give way at stop signs, and just slow down."

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews were on scene to assist police and ambulance crews.

QFES acting director of regional operations Paul Evans said responding to the alarming number of road deaths was taking its toll on all emergency services.

"It is absolutely tragic the loss of life on our roads," he said.

"It's tough on all of us. The ambulance deal with it, the police deal with it but the police have the follow on - they have to deal with the families and the communities.

"It's hard on my people (firefighters).

"It takes its toll on everybody in the community (and) it's just tragic and we just don't know how to stop it, or even reduce it."

THURSDAY 2.30PM: A 20-year-old woman has been killed in a traffic crash at the intersection of Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd and Yalangur-Lilyvale Rd.

Initial investigations suggest the sedan the woman was driving, headed west, collided with an oncoming utility.

The incident occurred at the cross-section of Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd and Yalangur-Lilyvale Rd.

The intersection is known as a hotspot for crashes.

The crash occurred at a signed 80kmh zone.

Forensic Crash Investigators are at the scene.

THURSDAY 1.13PM: Emergency services are responding to a fatal traffic crash near Kingsthorpe at Yalangur, in which a woman was killed.

Two cars collided on Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd, Yalangur.

A Queensland Police spokesman said the incident occurred at the intersection of Kingsthorpe-Haden Rd and Yalangur-Lilyvale Rd about 12.40pm.

It is believed one car was t-boned at high speed.

Police are currently at the scene.

A woman died in the crash it was the third death in the Toowoomba region in three days.

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