Rescue put cop in peril

A BUNDABERG police officer was taken to hospital after risking his life in an attempt to rescue a drowning girl from the Burnett River on Saturday night.

The senior constable saw the 17-year-old girl enter the chilly water about 7.15pm.

“She was seen by police to encounter difficulties so a police officer entered the river to assist her,” a police media spokesman said.

But once he entered the water, the officer also had difficulty swimming.

Two fishermen rescued the struggling girl from the water, pulling her into a boat.

The officer managed to make his way back to the shore.

Both the officer and the teen were taken to the Bundaberg Hospital and the senior constable stayed overnight.

The teenage girl was released not long after being admitted to the hospital.

The officer is believed to have been wearing a full uniform with boots when he entered the cold water, which may have contributed to the difficulty he had swimming.

Investigations are ongoing.

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