Cameron Peterson said he will be a little more cautious this Christmas season.
Cameron Peterson said he will be a little more cautious this Christmas season. Georja Ryan

Rethink that text at Christmas

IT MAY come as no surprise that tech-savvy Queenslanders will be on super-charge this Christmas, uploading photos to Facebook, sharing moments via Twitter and forwarding an endless array of festive text messages.

But with all that festive cheer comes a number of technology warnings to help Queenslanders avoid the awkward post-Christmas period.

One important rule recommended by Telstra is: Don't drink and dial.

It is safe to say almost everyone is familiar with the feeling of regret about sending a certain text message or phone call in the midst of an alcohol-fuelled confidence boost and Christmas time is high on the list for these vulnerable moments.

One local who has experienced the awkward "probably should not have sent that message" moment is Cameron Peterson who sent his landlord an inappropriate text message after a few festive brews.

"I sent one to my landlord abusing him and saying I wasn't going to pay rent for a month," Mr Peterson said.

"He gave me a warning and said he wouldn't put up with that sort of stuff, but we're cool now."

Mr Peterson said he would be trying to avoid sending any inappropriate text messages this Christmas.

"I'll be a bit more cautious this year and I think I will be leaving my phone at home," he said.

Telstra research shows the festive season is the busiest time for phone companies, with many sharing their presents and festive feasts with friends and family via picture messaging, calling and social networks.


Top no-nos

1. Over-sharing on social media sites. The last thing friends and family want to see online are your plans to re-gift their present.

2. Posting a picture of someone who has enjoyed too much Christmas cheer, without their consent.

3. Forgetting international time differences.

4. Drink-dialling during the festive season. Modern technology has transformed traditional dating rules but remember, don't drink and dial; without a doubt you'll always regret it.

5. Sending an identical Christmas SMS to multiple people in your contacts list. Make things a little more personal.

Source: Telstra

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