CHILD'S PLAY: Scott Witchard with Aria, Jonah, Pippa and Eli at Emerald Preschool and Community Kindergarten.
CHILD'S PLAY: Scott Witchard with Aria, Jonah, Pippa and Eli at Emerald Preschool and Community Kindergarten. Rebekah Yelland

Returning to childhood

SEEING the world through the eyes of a young child is all part of the fun of Scott Witchard's traineeship.

Along with starting senior school this year, Scott is also completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood at the Emerald Preschool and Community Kindergarten.

As part of the traineeship, the Year 11 Emerald State High student gives up one day of school a week for the next two years to complete his certificate.

He has plans to study kindergarten teaching once he finishes school.

"I chose to do it because I like working with children,” Scott said.

"It's one day a week, assisting teachers with cleaning, helping with the kids with play and craft time.”

It was an easy decision to choose a job working with children, Scott said, because it provided plenty of fun as the kids had great imaginations.

"They think up plenty to play,” he said.

"It's better than I expected, it's hands on and fun and it's always been something I wanted to


Emerald Preschool and Community Kindergarten director Kay Harling said having a school based trainee such as Scott gave the kindy an opportunity to help build a pool of high quality future recruits for its sector.

"We love to do our bit to support the local region and economy offering work experience to young people through a traineeship is just one way Emerald Kindy can help to nurture the next generation and help our business to develop a loyal and talented workforce,” Mrs Harling said.

"This qualification he is completing reflects the role of workers in a range of early childhood education settings who work within the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the National Quality Standard.

"They support the implementation of an approved learning framework, and support children's wellbeing, learning and development.”

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