ON FIRE: Emerald Motorsport Association held Burnouts in E-Town last weekend.
ON FIRE: Emerald Motorsport Association held Burnouts in E-Town last weekend. Terry Hill

Rev-heads light it up

Motorsport: FLAMES flew, smoke bellowed and a huge crowd cheered as Burnouts in E-Town came to life.

The popular event was a flaming hit with more than 3000 people checking out the revved-up action.

Hosted by Emerald Motorsport Association Inc last Saturday, standouts were Nathan Lewis in his orange toner ute and the crowd favourite Mark Gibbons in Mater.

Emerald Motorsport Association secretary Jason Lavis said one highlight from the day was "hearing the kids in the crowd chanting for Mater to do his thing”.

Thirty-eight entries were received from across Queensland, including a 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl.

Lavis said burnout events had been around for quite some time and the turnout on the weekend showed there is still a calling for it.

"Along with our other events that are also well attended, we run a variety of events including motorkhanas and dirt drags with a 'keep it off the streets' attitude for the young and young at heart,” he said.

"We also start kids from 12-years-old with driver training and safe operation of a motor vehicle in a controlled environment.”

The next event will be held on August 12.

Visit the Emerald Motorsport Association's Facebook page for more information.

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