Generic petrol pump station photo.
Generic petrol pump station photo.

REVEALED: Cheapest and most expensive fuel in your CQ town

The state's peak motoring body has accused fuel providers of price gouging as average petrol prices in the south east plummet to a 15-year low while Central Queenslanders are among those getting charged more.

In Rockhampton, the RACQ fair price for ULP 91 is 94.4 cents a litre but some merchants are asking up to 36 cents per litre more than what they should be. Gladstone is the only place in the region which is seeing prices drop in line with the SE.

Heading west, the margins grow with Emerald drivers being charged up 39 cents more than they should.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith told News Corp that service stations had no reason to hike up prices in other regional areas.

"It is price gouging in many cases, the fuel companies can charge what they want, and they are, the terminal gate price is around 82c per litre at the moment, we've recently had 18-year lows in the oil price," she said.

"Many parts of Queensland are filling up at dirt cheap prices they haven't seen in 15 years whereas other parts state the prices have fallen but they just haven't fallen enough."

She said that although petrol station traffic has dropped during the coronavirus pandemic, it was not the time to be hiking up prices.

"The prices are just way too high, and the fuel companies aren't passing on the savings that they should be at this time."

"To be charging up near $1.20 or even higher in some cases that's just not called for."

RACQ's Fair Fuel Price is based on market data and RACQ research and provides motorists with an indication of what they should pay for fuel.

How much are you paying in your town:

(Unleaded 91)

Rockhampton RACQ fair price - 94.4 (cents per litre)

Most expensive: Smithys Driveway Service Glenmore Road - 129.9

Caltex Rockhampton North Depot Front - 119.9

BP Stockland - 106.9

Caltex North Rockhampton - 106.9

Cheapest - Lakes Creek Servo - 100.9


Yeppoon RACQ fair price - 94.9

Most Expensive: CK Motors - 118.9

BP Travel Centre, Yeppoon Rd - 115.9

Caltex Woolworths - Hidden Valley - 115.7

Puma Yeppoon - 115.7

Cheapest - Seabreeze Servo & Takeaway and Caltex Rosslyn Bay Kiosk - 110.9


Blackwater RACQ fair price - 98.3

Most Expensive: Caltex Woolworths Blackwater - 129.9

Coles Express Blackwater - 129.9

Cheapest - BP Blackwater - 100


Emerald RACQ fair price - 97.0

Most Expensive: Caltex Emerald - 135.9

Coles Express Emerald - 135.9

Caltex Woolworths Emerald East - 133.9

Cheapest - Puma Emerald Depot - 129.9


Biloela RACQ fair price - 96.5

Most Expensive: BP Biloela - Kroombit St - 129.9

Caltex Biloela - 127.9

Cheapest - Caltex Woolworths Biloela and both puma Biloela stations (Harris St and Dawson Highway) - 127.7


Longreach RACQ fair price - 103.2

Most Expensive: Caltex Longreach 133.9

Caltex Longreach Roadhouse - 133.9

Shell Longreach Service Centre - 133.9


Gladstone RACQ fair price - 91.5

(all Gladstone fuel stations are under the RACQ fair Price)

Cheapest - Freedom Fuels Gladstone - 87.8



Rockhampton RACQ fair price - 107.6

Most Expensive: Smithys Driveway Service Glenmore Road - 130.9

Caltex Rockhampton North Depot - 128.9

BP Stockland - 125.9

Cheapest - lakes Creel Servo - 115.9


Yeppoon RACQ Fair Price - 108.0

Most Expensive: Caltex Woolworths Yeppoon - 129.9

BP Travel Centre Yeppoon - 129.9

Caltex Rosslyn Bay Kiosk - 127.9

Cheapest - Puma Yeppoon and Seabreeze Servo & Takeaway - 125.9


Blackwater RACQ fair price - 111.4

Most expensive: Caltex Blackwater Diesel Stop - 142.9

Caltex Woolworths Blackwater - 139.9

Coles Express Blackwater - 137.9

BP Blackwater - 119.9


Emerald (no calculated fair price)

Most expensive: Caltex Emerald - 142.9

Caltex Woolworths Emerald East - 141.9

BP Emerald - 141.9

Cheapest - Puma Emerald Depot - 135.9


Biloela RACQ fair price - 109.7

Most Expensive: BP Biloela - Kroombit St - 133.9

Caltex Woolworths Biloela - 133.9

Caltex Biloela - 133.9

Cheapest - BP Biloela - 129.9


Longreach RACQ fair price - 116.3

Most expensive: Caltex Longreach Roadhouse - 148.9

Shell Longreach Service Centre - 139.9

Cheapest - Puma Longreach Unmanned and Caltex Longreach - 137.9


Gladstone fair price - 106.5

Most expensive: BP Gladstone Airport - 119.9

Caltex South Gladstone - 119.9

Caltex Woolworths Gladstone - 119.9

Cheapest - Freedom Fuels Gladstone - 101.8

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