REVEALED: How we voted in marriage equality survey

SAME sex marriage survey results are in and it's a resounding 'yes' from the majority of participants across Australia and Queensland -- but how did Central Queensland vote?

Of the eligible Australians in Queensland who participated in the survey, the majority indicated the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry, with 1,487,060 (60.7%) responding Yes and 961,015 (39.3%) responding No.

Nearly 8 out of 10 eligible Australians in Queensland (77.9%) expressed their view -- including 303 326 residents across Central and Northern Queensland.

In the Dawson electorate, 55.1% of residents voted yes and 44.9% voted no while in the Capricornia electorate, 54.1% of residents voted yes and 45.9% voted no.

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Across the Flynn electorate, 51.5% of residents voted yes and 48.5% voted no while of those who voted in the Herbert electorate, 62.8% voted yes and 37.2% voted no.

  • Dawson: 77,138 voted overall: 42,539 or 55.1% voted YES 34,599 or 44.9% voted NO
  • Capricornia: 73,834 voted overall: 39,917 or 54.1% voted YES and 33,917 or 45.9% voted NO
  • Flynn: 75,803 voted overall: 39,020 or 51.5% Voted YES and 36,783 or 48.5% Voted NO
  • Herbert: 76,551 voted overall: 48,110 or 62.8% voted YES and 28,441 or 37.2% voted NO

Greens candidate for Mackay Elliot Jennings, who was a major 'yes' campaigner across the region and led the QCU Mackay Marriage Equality Rally, was thrilled with the local results.

"I am ecstatic. I am really pleased and I feel reassured in Australia," Mr Jennings said.

"I have been watching the results very closely this morning, I've been on my phone all morning and turned the TV on as soon as I got to work."

Mr Jennings said a victory party was in the making amongst QCU Mackay Marriage Equality Campaign members.

"Hopefully there will be something in the pipeline very soon," he said.

"My phone has been going off (since the result was announced). Well done Australia."

d'Artagnan Caldicott is overwhelmed with the result of the Same Sex Marriage survey.
d'Artagnan Caldicott is overwhelmed with the result of the Same Sex Marriage survey. Jacob Miley

Mackay man d'Artagnan Caldicott fought back tears as the 'yes' result came in, taking him one step closer to being able to marry his partner Daniel of 12 years.    A year ago, when the Same Sex Marriage debate was being debated he popped the question, not knowing the outcome.   "I asked Daniel to marry me when this was announced about a year ago, when it was all coming to a head and they were going to make a decision and he said yes," Mr Caldicott said.    "I don't know when, I don't know where. At least now we can, we can plan it, we can say we can do we want to do this."

  Mr Calidcott said he and Daniel helped organise the first ever marriage equality rally in Mackay and last month, he campaigned on the side of Paradise St.    "It's been a long time coming. I've stood there with signs and I've been to the marches," he said.       "Although, being gay doesn't define my life, my relationship does. My relationship to Dan is everything and just to have that validated by my fellow countrymen is amazing."  

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