BLESSED: Farmers around the region are reaping the rewards of the rain.
BLESSED: Farmers around the region are reaping the rewards of the rain. Contributed

Rewards rain down

EMERALD and surrounds were fortunate enough to see rainfall last weekend, which also brought a drop in temperatures - however it won't be staying around for much longer.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Emerald received a total of 46.2mm of rain between Saturday, February 3 and Monday, February 5, which resulted in an extreme temperature drop, with the town reaching rare lows of 17.8 degrees on Sunday.

Residents around the region made the most of the rare weather event, with many children outdoors getting wet and farmers happily soaking it in.

Local cotton farmer Neek Morawitz said they were fortunate to finish harvesting their early planted crop just before therain set in over the weekend.

"It was generally an exceptionally good rainfall event,” Mr Morawitz said.

"I think it will have limited impact on cotton and it's certainly been very good in most respects.

"I mean, it's helping dry land cotton and other dry land crops and it was a reasonably widespread event.”

Mr Morawitz said he thought the weather event contributed to creating a lot of opportunity throughout the region, with very little downside.

"It came and it went in two days and it delivered anice amount and fell mostly very soft and you justcan't get better than that, really,” he said.

The rain has now passed and taken the cooler weather with it.

Central Queensland is expected to see a rapid temperature rise throughout the weekend.

According to the BoM, temperatures are expected to stay in the low 30s today, before sky-rocketing to the high 30s by the end of the weekend.

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