Reynolds promises to do a nudie run if he wins Bathurst

IT WOULD be rather amusing to be a fly on the wall in the Dave Reynolds-Tahan Lew Fatt household.

Dave, the dare-devil V8 driver who will line up for The Bottle-O Racing Team at Bathurst, is dating the glamour Big Brother contestant, who is favoured to win the TV series.

Both Dave and Tahan are not afraid to speak their minds and push the boundaries.

"I'm not particularly politically correct all the time," said the man nicknamed Crazy Dave, who hurled a Channel Seven microphone into the crowd from the podium after coming second at Bathurst last year.

He also said he might strip naked when he wins a V8 race for the first time.

Meanwhile, Tahan has been embroiled in a battle with housemate Mikkayla Mossop for most of the reality series, Mikkayla describing that she would "probably just kick some dirt over the top of her" if Tahan died.

Dave took to Twitter later after Mikkayla won a weekly challenge on the show, posting "Cane toad won a showdown", before sparking a backlash from his followers.

And despite the attractive Tahan having fellow contestants Matthew and Ed circle her during the show, Dave stood by his flame.

"She's going awesome," he said before gearing up for the Bathurst practice rounds.

"She's loved or hated on the show, but the viewers must see something in her.

"They keep saving her from eviction almost every week."

MUCH has been said about how Roar midfield recruits Liam Miller, Matt McKay and Diogo Ferreira will add more spark to the Brisbane attack this season.

What will this mean for brilliant striker Besart Berisha, who loves nothing better than scoring?

That's probably not true, the charismatic Albanian most loves celebrating after putting a ball into the back of the net.

Roar defender Jade North made light of the situation, with his side tipped to far into the 2013/14 finals, following its impressive recruitment drive.

"Now we've got good players all over the park which will take the load off Bes, but he's the one that wants to score," Jade said with a laugh.

"Sometimes you've got to share the load though, and this is the sort of team that you can share it around a bit."

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