DAILY TRAFFIC REPORT: Truck and bobcat crash into house
DAILY TRAFFIC REPORT: Truck and bobcat crash into house Cade Mooney

Riders injured by jack-knifing trailer

TWO motorcyclists received horrific injuries when a trailer carrying a Holden Kingswood jack-knifed into their path on a country road.

Peter Craig Lehmann, who was towing the trailer, accepts the jack-knifing caused grievous injuries but has pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving.

Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis told a jury in Brisbane District Court that he would prove Lehmann had loaded the trailer incorrectly, not putting the weight forward as per the trailer's instructions.

He said the jury could also consider whether Lehmann "failed to keep a proper lookout" on whether the trailer was swinging before the crash.

Mr Wallis said Lehmann had driven a blue 2006 4x4 Mitsubishi Triton to Ocean View, north of Brisbane and west of Burpengary, to collect the Kingswood.

He said Lehmann was on his way south when the crash happened at Kobble Creek just after noon on July 17, 2010.

Mr Wallis said Lehmann was doing 80kmh in a 100kmh zone but a witness would tell them the trailer came with warnings that the weight should be forward to aid the centre of gravity.

He said not doing so would result in the trailer becoming unstable at a lower speed.

The trial continues.

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