Rogue MP has power to block vegetation legislation

ROGUE Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller has the power to make or break the State Government's proposed changes to vegetation laws today.

The issue will be decided this afternoon amid speculation Ms Miller will vote against her own party. 

The government needs Ms Miller's vote to get the bill through, but the embattled MP has been vocal about her dissatisfaction with the reformed laws labelling her own government "hypocritical".

Both parties are locked on the vote at 44 each and the house is already on a knife-edge with Labor's Mirani MP Jim Pearce considering abstaining from the vote

Katter's Australian Party MPs Rob Katter and Shane Knuth have sided with the LNP where independents Rob Pyne and Billy Gordon have said they'll vote with the government.

If Ms Miller doesn't cross the floor, independent MP Peter Wellington will cast the deciding vote.

Disgraced Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller.
Disgraced Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller. Bev Lacey

In April Ms Miller launched an attack on the Labor Party saying tree clearing was an issue she had been pushing for more than a decade and proposed reforms didn't address issues in Ipswich.

She equated mass clearing of bushland, to make way for housing at the Ripley Valley, Redbank Plains, Augustine Heights, Collingwood and Bellbird Park, to practices seen in the Bjelke-Petersen era.

>>Elusive Jo-Ann Miller nowhere to be found around Ipswich

"Today I call on this government to commit to stopping this scorched-earth tree-clearing vandalism as soon as possible," she said in April.

"It is hypocritical to have one rule for farmers and graziers in regional Queensland and no decent rules protecting tree clearing in urban development in South-East Queensland".

Labor party insiders are divided on how Ms Miller will vote.

If history counts for anything Ms Miller will likely back down given she was also vocal on calling for a referendum on asset sales back in 2014.

Despite threats, she still sided with the Labor Party when it came to a vote.

Parliament will vote this afternoon following what is anticipated to be a lengthy debate. 

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