Research shows flatmates rarely fall in love but Luke Rowlinson is looking to beat the trend.
Research shows flatmates rarely fall in love but Luke Rowlinson is looking to beat the trend. John Mccutcheon

Roomies, romance do not mix

LUKE Rowlinson desperately needs someone, preferably a female, to share his Sunshine Coast rental property with him - and if they happen to fall in love that's a bonus.

But a new survey has revealed the chances of him scoring a housemate and romance are not in his favour, with 61% of people saying this doesn't happen.

The survey of more than 1000 people by website Easyroommate revealed the majority of Australians living in shared accommodation did not find their flatmates attractive.

However, it did reveal that if there happened to be a spark, they wouldn't rule romance out.

More than half of respondents (53%) said they would consider dating a flatmate in the future.

Mr Rowlinson agreed.

"I could see how easily it could happen," Mr Rowlinson said.

"If I was attracted to a flatmate and she made a pass, I wouldn't say no."

This is only the second time Mr Rowlinson has had to look for a housemate after his previous housemate walked out on him.

And, no, there was no romance there either.

"She was gay, so there was no chance of that," he said.

Mr Rowlinson said he preferred female housemates, but this had nothing to do with possible sexual tension.

"It's not as awkward with a guy and a girl in the same house. We wouldn't butt heads as much," he said.

The Easyroommate research also revealed most people looked for "thoughtfulness and cleanliness" in their housemates and the worst characteristics were "grubbiness", followed by personal hygiene and food theft.

"That's another reason why I'd prefer a female, they tend to be more trustworthy," he said.


  • The best flatmate traits are thoughtfulness (42.6%) and cleanliness (39.2%)
  • The worst traits are general grubbiness (37.4%), followed by poor personal hygiene (23.7%) and food theft (13.7%)
  • When asked who'd make the worst flatmates, politicians came out on top with 22.4%, followed by Charlie Sheen (15.6%) and Octomum (14.1%)
  • The best flatmate would be a friend (33.6%), followed by Richard Branson (12.9%) and radio DJ Hamish Blake (10.2%)

    Source: Easyroommate

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