YOU would be hard pressed to label former gossip queen Ros Reines as "invisible".

But that's exactly how the journalist felt after pushing past the over-50 barrier - so much so she decided to fight back and become a model.

Reines, who once dished the dirt on Australia's who's-who in her column 'Guess Who Don't Sue?', has swapped the pen for the runway after joining Silverfox MGMT - the nation's first modelling agency to cater exclusively for mature models.

Would you like to see more mature models in the fashion industry?

This poll ended on 31 December 2017.

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No - Fashion industry is a young person's game


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Reines said she entered the battle against ageism when she saw older models go stride-for-stride with their younger counterparts at Australian Fashion Week.

"The thing is, when you get to a certain age which is actually 50 - but I'm a long way past that - you become invisible," Reines told Seven's The Morning Show.

"And especially in the media, there is a lot of ageism.

"And so this is kind of like my way of fighting back and being visible again."

Reines' decision to enter the fashion industry comes at a time when there is a surge for older models.

And Reines said that was just a reflection of Australia "catching up".

"I think it's just because (Australia) is coming of age," she said.

"America has always revered older women but in Australia it's all young."

However, taking that first step onto the catwalk is surely a daunting one?

"What could get worse?" Reines joked.

"You've already been through everything."

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