Lee Kernaghan described Sophie Rose’s opening performance as magnificent.
Lee Kernaghan described Sophie Rose’s opening performance as magnificent.

Rose wins admiration

'MAGNIFICENT' is the simple adjective that has had 14-year-old Sophie Rose Raymond floating on cloud nine.

That's how Lee Kernaghan described her performance when she opened his show in Emerald recently. "It was amazing," she said.

"I thought I did really well, I was really excited to be up on stage."

Sophie said she was a bit speechless over Lee Kernaghan's high praise as she had never received such a high compliment before.

"I sang four songs - two of my own and the other two songs were covers," she said.

"I sang the Casey Chambers song Pony because I've been singing that for years and everyone loves it.

"I wrote the other song and really liked how it came out."

Sophie and three other young performers also had the honour of performing with Lee, singing Spirit of the Bush with him.

"It was just wonderful and so much fun," she said.

"He is just so down to earth."

Sophie's years of performing helped calm any nerves to make this performance the highlight of her budding career.

"I was a little nervous but once I was on stage I felt at home. I feel I belong there," she said.

"Lee said what I am doing is pretty good but he said to be grounded and know where I came from.

"He said to get the crowd going and I felt like they were part of it."

Sophie has been writing her own material for the past two years and said it was exciting to be on stage performing her own songs.

"It felt really exciting (with) the anticipation of whether they would like it," she said.

"The first song I wrote was about my grandad passing away, now I mostly write about boys and experiences I've been through."

Sophie has kept busy since her concert with Lee, releasing her first single, Hey Boy, and recording a video for it.

"I have an EP out with a few covers," she said.

To find out more about Sophie's music, or to see her latest song, check her out on YouTube.

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