Loree Rudd is taking a stand.
Loree Rudd is taking a stand. Brett Wortman

Rudd's sister quits Labor

LOREE Rudd has followed through with her threat to quit the Australian Labor Party.

The elder sister of Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd, who lives in Nambour, said she had sent the party an official letter last week informing it of her decision.

Miss Rudd said she resigned because of the party's decision during its national conference earlier this month to vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

Miss Rudd said there were "many fine people in the Labor Party" she has served for 10 years.

"The things I've done in relation to this are just me personally," she said.

"I'm not representing any particular church or religious group. It is me giving my thoughts and taking a stand which is important for my integrity."

Miss Rudd said the right approach to change the law concerning marriage was to go to a referendum.

"This is a huge issue in our society. Any government honest with its people would take this matter to a referendum after a couple of years of open debate.

"It is not an easy issue and shouldn't be swept through in a night sitting. It shouldn't be swept through at a Labor conference when the party has committed to the electorate it will support marriage as it is."

Miss Rudd said she was also concerned with the way "Jesus is misrepresented".

"The whole concept of equality comes from the Bible, from the sacred scriptures. All people are equal before God, but not all relationships," she said.

Miss Rudd said people over time had gradually broken down the sacredness of marriage as held in our society.

"Many problems have evolved, people are growing up in the wake of these. We used to say two wrongs don't make a right - that applies in this case.

"If it happens in Australia (gay marriage), it won't affect my life at all, but it would be a tragic loss for our society.

"If the benefit was that homosexual couples knew more joy, it would be worth the trade-off. But I don't think they will experience more joy."

Miss Rudd said she had also sent Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington a letter expressing her views on same-sex civil unions, but she was "sad he felt harassed or intimidated by Christians".

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