OPINION: Please get rid of that useless rugby league scrum

ATTENTION National Rugby League officials: it is time you seriously considered getting rid of that pitiful example of a scrum you allow into the game.

I may be slightly biased, coming from a household that used to watch Union with a passion.

Even now it is an awe-inspiring thing to watch those 100-plus kilo blokes slam into each other and battle with all their might to gain control of a ball thrown into the middle of the two teams.

As a kid I marvelled at the likes of All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick's "cauliflower ears", a proud symbol of his numerous encounters with the heads and shoulders of his opposition.

A far cry from the scrum - I use that term lightly - I saw live at the State of Origin match at Suncorp Stadium last week.

The group of players stood around, sort of draped their arms over one another and then the feeder threw the ball mid-way through his side to quickly collect the ball and play on.

No attempt was made by the other side to grab the ball; in fact it's something I have never seen in a game of league.

Seasoned footy fans sitting just a few seats behind me voiced the opinion I have had for many years.

"Get rid of the bloody scrum, it's useless," one shouted out.

"They're bloody time-wasters," another added.

Soon it was something everyone in a five-row radius agreed with, by nodding their heads vigorously.

At the very least, make these scrums count for something.

At the moment, they just seem to be a means for players to get back on side, catch their breath and plan the next play at a leisurely pace.

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