Sonny Bill Williams secretly married Alana Raffie in August.
Sonny Bill Williams secretly married Alana Raffie in August. NZ Herald

Rumours rife Sonny Bill Williams expecting baby

SPECULATION is rife that Kiwi sports star Sonny Bill Williams may be expecting a baby with his hitherto-secret wife, Alana Raffie.

Sydney's Sunday Telegraph reported that the Sydney-based pair wed secretly last year.

Late yesterday, attention was being drawn to a photo of Williams and his 20-year-old bride on his sonnybwilliams Instagram account.

It was captioned, "Movie time with mumsy #nightyo".

The photo was posted two weeks ago and fans of the 28-year-old league player were quick to call him out on the term. Many asked if Raffie was expecting a child.

Williams did not reply.

The Sunday Telegraph said that just a handful of close friends and family attended the couple's wedding in August. All were sworn to secrecy.

There had been no time for a honeymoon until the couple flew to Bali on Saturday.

Raffie started dating the star early last year. She shares his Muslim faith, and now lives in his palatial Sydney home with other relatives of his.

Raffie has kept a low profile since the wedding but there was a recent clue when, on March 7, she posted on Facebook: "Big news from the both of us to be announced soon! Some secrets are just too hard to keep :)".

The couple will move to New Zealand at the end of the season when Williams quits rugby league to return to rugby union, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

He wants to play at next year's Rugby World Cup and compete at the Rio Olympics in the rugby sevens.

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