Teen busted with huge quantity of ice

A TEENAGE girl from the Cassowary Coast busted with a huge quantity of ice after falling in with a "bad crew" has dodged detention and now has plans to become a lawyer.

The 15-year-old, who cannot be identified due to her age, was sitting in the back seat of a car which was pulled over by Innisfail police about 3.30am on November 24 last year.

The Cairns Supreme Court heard they found just over 140g of pure methylamphetamine inside two bags found in the car which the girl and a 35-year-old passenger took responsibility for.

The street value of the drugs would be at least $70,000.

She pleaded guilty to drug possession, drug supply and possessing an item for use in the connection of the commission of a drug offence.

Crown prosecutor Stephanie Williams told the court police seized both their phones, finding numerous texts sent between the pair linked to the drugs.

In one, the man texted "marry me" to the teen, 20 years his junior, to which she responded: "that's cute but we can't f*** s*** up or this is serious jail time".

The court heard the girl had no criminal history prior to falling off the rails after becoming angry about her family's response to an alleged sexual assault.

Defence barrister Rochelle Logan said her client began using ice intravenously - about 0.5g per week.

"She was certainly running with a bad crew," Justice Jim Henry said.

Ms Logan said despite some minor offending since her arrest, she had subsequently cleaned up her act, had been off drugs for at least three months and had moved back to the family home.

"She wants to be a diesel fitter, but she also has a goal to finish her Year 12 Certificate and qualify to be accepted in to study law," she said.

"These are serious offences, but she is taking steps.

"Her future is brighter than it was this time last year."

Justice Henry sentenced her to two years probation and 60 hours of community service, ordering she attend a program regarding the impacts of illicit drugs.

"If you run with druggies you'll keep coming back to this court and your life will be ruined," he said, telling her the sentence was "generous". "If you were an adult I would be giving you probably about three years imprisonment."

Originally published as 'Running with a bad crew': Teen busted with huge quantity of ice

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