RURAL PROPERTY BOOM: Maguires Real Estate and Livestock owner, Tim Maguire at the saleyards where the price of cattle is influencing the rural property market.
RURAL PROPERTY BOOM: Maguires Real Estate and Livestock owner, Tim Maguire at the saleyards where the price of cattle is influencing the rural property market.

Rural property: hot to trot

RURAL properties are hard to come by these days but that's not due to a lack of properties in the region.

Instead it's a direct result of the farming sector at this point in time creating high demand with only a low supply of properties.

Maguires Real Estate and Livestock owner Tim Maguire said a combination of factors was developing strong interest from buyers.

"Cattle sales are at a record high so there's good opportunities and business to made in grazing," he said.

"Along with that, it's the best winter I've seen in my lifetime here in Emerald."

Mr Maguire said it was not just cattle farming and grazing that are pushing the trend in popularity for rural properties.

With chickpeas having their best season in years, all types of farming properties are sort after.

"Right across the board in farming- beef, most beans and irrigation crops are performing above expectation due to the winter we have just had," he said.

"These results encourage confidence in buyers."

The rural property market was doing so well Mr Maguire said it was leaving a some potential buyers unsatisfied.

"Properties at the moment are generally sold in a short amount of time," he said.

"So there are a large amount of buyers who miss out. The competitive market is then pushing the property values up even further."

Mr Maguire said now was a fantastic time for rural properties.

"Overall it's a great time to get involved in the rural market in the region."

Landmark Harcourts Emerald rural property specialist Terry Ray agreed demand pushed the value of the properties upwards.

"Most properties we've sold in the last six months have sold well above the expected price," he said.

"This is due to the low supply of farms on the market combined with their high demand.

Mr Ray said the high demand is the result of a number of factors.

"Over the past two or three years we haven't had very good seasons."

"But this winter has been the best winter in terms of rainfall for many years," Mr Ray said.

It's this season which has led to a boom in the rural property market, he said.

"The good winter has allowed producers to reduce some of their debt and get cash in the bank. Now those producers are looking to expand again," Mr Ray said.

"The good season has caused a significant turn around in the proportion of cattle producers."

Mr Maguire said confidence in the rural property market and good seasons in our region also influenced businesses around the area.

"All of these factors positively influence the region's community," he said.

"Residents can rest assured that it is definitely not all doom and gloom. "There's a flow on affect in our region. "It means that when farmers are doing well it positively influences business in the area as well."

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