Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer 'discussing' separation

RUSSELL Crowe and Danielle Spencer are "discussing" their relationship.
The former couple - who have sons Charles, 11, and Tennyson, eight - split in 2012 but have never divorced and, following rumours they were planning to reconcile, the 'Water Diviner' star has admitted they are still "technically" united.

He said: "Technically we're married. We are separated and discussing what that means."

After agreeing the boys shouldn't accompany him to film sets any more, the 51-year-old actor admits it is "very difficult" to spend so much time away from his sons, but he knows it is for the best for the children.

He told "Danielle is a great mum. We both made the decision that the family should stop travelling together. 

"It's very difficult for me because when I leave Sydney I'm not going to see them until I come home. But that's the sacrifice you make because it's simply better for your kids.

"The platform we have set for the boys is one of consistency. It was clear when we were travelling together that it wasn't the healthiest thing for the kids. They had to change schools, make new friends all the time, and there was something in that style of life where the grounded shifted under them all the time. That wasn't good for them."

Russell is a hands-on father and has a special bond with his sons.

He said: "As a parent, you have a connection with your children that is beyond anything else. We always talk in terms of female intuition, but it can be expanded to parental, mother or father. There will be a moment where your kids are at school and you get a little inkling when they get home and you say, 'How was your day?' 

"If you're not a parent, I am sure that in your history there's an ex-boyfriend who became an ex-boyfriend because of an intuitive moment that you had when you realised that, that bloke wasn't in the place that you were expecting him to be."

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