Same-sex marriage: Rights of majority are compromised

This reader wants to have his say about the same sex marriage debate and thinks a plebiscite is the only way to go.
This reader wants to have his say about the same sex marriage debate and thinks a plebiscite is the only way to go. Maria Fernanda Hubeaut

THE same-sex marriage debate has polarised our nation.

A gender-specific minority and "do-gooders" demanding equal rights to marry, as legalised in many westernised nations globally, has forced earnest debate which has divided our people.

The rights of the majority which believe in the traditional view, have now been compromised, allowing age-old traditions to be questioned and shaken up to keep in step with minorities world-wide. Its political value has no bounds, with every break-away independent and opposition to conservatism jumping on the bandwagon.

With our own children demanding in our homes what everybody else has, we, through guilt or otherwise not wanting to offend or isolate them, give in to their tantrums.

Parents face this dilemma daily in their families.

Many have given up on drawing a line in the sand.

Now we see it on a national scale, learning fast what other governments have relented to giving up and giving in to.

We want to have what other nations have, equal say and equal rights, while some here are not ready to give up long-held definitions of "marriage" as it was intended by God.

It was an institution where two attracted opposite sexes are complementary, intending "to be fruitful and multiply"! What happened to this idea of marriage as it was instigated, now in the third millennium?

Not physically possible!

Again, a plebiscite on such a sensitive issue, is the only demographic way.

Politicians who support the political debate are petrified of a negative outcome.

It should not be left to politicians who think more of their political careers than what their constituents think.

I want a say!


Wide Bay

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