Sara Connor has lost all hope of seeing kids

BYRON bay mother-of-two Sara Connor has appeared defeated and heartbroken as she faced Denpasar District Court.

At the final day of hearings in her trial before the judges deliver their verdict in mid-March the mother of two boys told reporters she was expecting the worst.

"No, I'm not feeling optimistic at all. I am expecting the worst today," Connor said, reported the Daily Telegraph.

"I've lost all the hopes to see my children growing up."

Last week prosecutors said she should be convicted of manslaughter and serve eight years in prison over the death of Balinese policeman Wayan Sudarsa.

Prosecutor Anak Agung Ngurah Jayalantara told the court that Connor is just as culpable for the officer's death as her British boyfriend David Taylor.

Taylor, 34, admitted to bashing the officer with a Bintang beer bottle, binoculars, a mobile phone and his bare fists during a fight over a missing bag.

The blows with the beer bottle knocked Sudarsa unconscious. A coroner told the court the policeman died several hours after the attack of bleeding on the brain, as he lay on the beach. The coroner said that he may have survived had he been taken to hospital.

But Connor denies any responsibility for the killing saying she was only trying to break up the brawling, with boyfriend Taylor backing up her claim.

Fairfax Media reports that in her last ditch plea Connor addressed the court weeping describing herself as the "sole carer" of her two boys aged 9 and 11. She said she loved her children, who she has not seen since August, "more than anything" and they missed her.

"If this is what God has planned for my life, to punish me so harshly and deprive my children of their mother, I hope he will give my children the strength to cope."

She apologised for her actions in fleeing the scene saying "Please bear in mind that I am in another country. I do not understand your laws. I was scared of what would happen. I was thinking about my children. I was thinking about the victim."

A book of testimonials about Sara Connor was presented to the court featuring 78 statements from friends and colleagues.

One read: "In the three years I have spent in Australia, no-one has helped me like Sara did. She is my second mum, my big sister. And she is this way not just with me but with many people."

The widow of the policeman, Ketut Arsini, was highly critical of the sentence prosecutors asked for, telling News Corp that her husband's life should be worth more than eight years.

But judges are not bound by the prosecutors demands and can decide guilt on any charge and impose any sentence they decide, even life for murder.

Ms Connor's lawyer, Robert Khuana, told the court to consider mitigating factors including that Ms Connor had never committed a crime before, and had two young children, reports Fairfax Media.

David Taylor will give his final statement to the court on Wednesday.

This article originally appeared on Kidspot and is published here with permission.

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