Sara Cumming from Curvy Shack has embraced social media as a way to boost her business.
Sara Cumming from Curvy Shack has embraced social media as a way to boost her business. Christopher Chan

Internet drives Sara's business

SARA Cumming grasped the power of social media when she launched her first small business. The owner of Curvy Shack, a fashion store for curvy people, launched her new store eight weeks ago.

But she went on the front foot long before that. Two months before her store opened, Ms Cumming created a Facebook page to begin promoting her products and to gauge interest in different items.

"There are so many avenues when it comes to advertising," she said. "I wanted to get out there in the cheapest possible way, while still getting maximum coverage.

"I chose Facebook because I wanted to show (people) what I had and get them interested. I knew that once a couple of people saw what I had, they would show all their friends."

She estimates that during the first few weeks her store was opened, Facebook contributed about 80% of her sales.

Now that her business is up and running, her Facebook page is useful in a variety of ways. Satisfied customers can leave recommendations on the page, a huge attraction for new customers. Out-of-towners can see what is available before making a trip to town. Best of all, her Facebook page allows her to provide an online photo catalogue of her products.


Savvy business

  • 44% of female entrepreneurs in Queensland use social media for business, compared with 36% of males.
  • Female small business owners are more likely to have a smartphone than males (39% vs 37%).
  • The same applies to tablet devices, such as iPads (13% vs 6%).

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