Scott Elms to face ethics committee over Gibson 'threat'

THE former rogue Liberal National Party member who revealed details about Gympie MP David Gibson's past has been referred to the parliamentary ethics committee.

Speaker Fiona Simpson told State Parliament today that  on April 23 she received a complaint from Premier Campbell Newman about an alleged attempt to threaten or intimidate the Member for Gympie.

She said the complaint concerned a subject matter that is likely to involve future proceedings of the assembly.

"To attempt to influence a member in their conduct as a member by bribes or threats on account of their conduct in the Parliament or committee is clearly a contempt," she said.

"Similarly, conduct having a tendency to impair a member's independence in the future performance of their duty is also a contempt.

"After considering the complaint and attached material I decided to refer the matter to the Ethics Committee."

Former branch member and political rival Scott Elms circulated documents last month which showed Mr Gibson was caught stealing from the Australian Army over a nine-month period during the '90s.

ACT Magistrates Court documents showed Mr Gibson was put on a 12-month good behaviour bond with a recognisance of $1000 for funnelling army funds of $7335 into personal accounts, but a conviction was not recorded.

The airing of Mr Gibson's past forced him to stand down as chairman of the powerful parliamentary ethics committee and subsequently ended his political career after he announced last week he would not seek pre-selection at the upcoming state election citing health reasons for his decision.

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