STILL STANDING: Hayden Meyers has landed on his feet in his role as Emerald Seals coach. sw-261110-006
STILL STANDING: Hayden Meyers has landed on his feet in his role as Emerald Seals coach. sw-261110-006

Seals coach lovin life working in the top job

LIFE’S pretty sweet when your passion is also your day job and Emerald Seals coach Hayden Meyers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meyers, who had been acting as the swim squad’s assistant coach, was asked by pool management to step into the top job after the unexpected departure of coach Pedro, who made an indefinite return to New Zealand earlier this year.

Two months on, it seems the position is everything the ambitious 19-year-old could have hoped for, and he said job satisfaction was achieved every time the students competed at representative meets.

“It’s very rewarding to see them go to carnivals and do well,” Meyers said.

“It makes it all worth it for me.”

Originally hailing from the Northern Territory, Meyers has plenty of competitive swimming experience to back him up. He has had Territory representation honours, competed in Pacific School Games and is also a two-time Afraua Games medallist.

Building on this experience, Meyers is now also taking his first steps to become a qualified swim coach, as he prepares to sit for his green licence – one of the first steps in the coaching accreditation process – from where he hopes to take his budding athletes to the next level in the their swimming careers.

In the meantime, Meyers says it’s still a big learning curve both for the trainees and the rookie coach.

“We’re going through a goal-setting process at the moment.

“Each age group has its own challenges; I just take a different approach with each one,” he said.

“I find I connect with youth really well, probably because of my age, which helps.”

While his coaching role is his primary focus with pool instruction sessions both morning and afternoon, he said the desire to return to the water competitively himself was still strong.

“I’ve just gone through two shoulder reconstructions… but swimming is not out of the question,” Meyers said.

“I’m not out of the water yet.”

Next up on the training carnival is the Alpha meet, with Hayden confident in the juniors’ abilities.

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