Alex Milat at his Sunshine Coast home in 2004.
Alex Milat at his Sunshine Coast home in 2004. Chris McCormack

Serial killer Ivan Milat's brother dies on Coast street

AUSTRALIA'S worst serial killer's big brother, Alex Milat, has died.

The 76-year-old's body was found collapsed outside of the Palmwood's Post Office on June 6. It is believed he died of a heart attack.

Ivan Milat is serving seven life sentences in Sydney's Goulburn's Supermax prison for a spate of horrific murders, known as the backpacker murders, in New South Wales between 1989 and 1993.

Ivan's nephew Alistair Shipsey has started a petition to get his uncle retried claiming he was "framed" and deserved to tell his story.

He posted on Facebook on June 9 his "main witness" to help Ivan "just died of a heart attack.


Alistair Shipsey's post saying his  'key witness' had died.
Alistair Shipsey's post saying his 'key witness' had died. Facebook Milat Letters

Alistair is the author of the Milat Letters, which are letters from Ivan in jail to his nephew which revealed how he hated being in jail.

The letters also included a note why the killer who has refused to admit guilt chopped off his own finger in jail.

Despite overwhelming evidence of Milat's guilt which led to his conviction of seven backpacker murders on July 27, 1996 and one attempted murder, false imprisonment and robbery of Paul Onions, Shipsey remained convinced of his uncle's innocence.

His online petition had nine supporters on June 14.


Alistair Shipsey's petition to have his uncle, Ivan Milat, retried.
Alistair Shipsey's petition to have his uncle, Ivan Milat, retried. Kathy Sundstrom

The Gympie Pistol Club has paid tribute to Alex who was a valued member of the club.

President Paul Dale said he had known Alex for four years and he was a "really valuable member".

"He was always parting knowledge. He had a great passion for all things to do with fire arms. He knew reloading, black powder, every facet.

"Alex was an inspiration to any young member."

While everyone knew his brother was servicing life sentences, "people didn't bring it up".

"They knew who he was," he said.


Ivan Milat with a gun on the cover of Alistair Shipsey's book.
Ivan Milat with a gun on the cover of Alistair Shipsey's book. Facebook Milat Letters

"We didn't see him as part of that. He was just a guy down at the club, a nice bloke.

"I think he was a member of quite a few clubs in the area, He really enjoyed his sport. He was a very good shot."

Celeste Hargraves, from Elders Real Estate was the first to find Alex's body when she was delivering the post.

"I walked up to the post office at 1.30pm to put mail in the letter box and he was on the ground," she said.

"He must have been there sometime before I saw him as it looked like he had fallen before he got to the steps.

"I think he was dead already. He was on the ground with blood pooling on his face.

"He might have had a heart attack and just fell."

Ms Hargraves ran to the print shop who called an ambulance for help and then she ran to the doctors.

"The doctor started breath compressions, but he was not responding. The ambulance arrived and continued, but he didn't respond.

The Daily spoke to Alex only two weeks ago about the possibility of doing an interview to discuss calls for his brother's retrial.

A cheerful sounding Alex declined the request.

Alex was one of 14 Milat siblings. He told the Daily in 2015 he wished he had changed his name.


A youthful Ivan Milat.
A youthful Ivan Milat. Facebook Milat letters

"I do (regret keeping the Milat name), I f*****g do," he said.

"The first day I should've changed my name, it would definitely have been a better life.

"It'd amaze you the problems I've had with having this name."

He appeared indifferent on Ivan's guilt.

"The decisions are made by some body else, more than likely for political reasons," he said.

"I don't even worry about it (Ivan's guilt). I just try to live my life and enjoy it."

The Daily has approached Alistair Shipsey for comment.

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