Seven charges result from night of drinking

WHEN police told Ula Kai Fakaosilea he was under arrest on June 26, it triggered a series of events that landed him in the Emerald Magistrate's Court earlier this month where he pleaded guilty to seven charges.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen told the court officers were called to a Sunflower Pl home at 2.50am with reports of a "grossly intoxicated" man kicking cars parked in the street, and swearing and yelling abuse at people nearby.

The responding officers attempted to speak with the man, identified as Fakaosilea, 21, at which time he stumbled across the road and vomited on a car before moving to another driveway and vomiting again.

When police confronted him, Fakaosilea became aggressive and began punching out and swearing at the officers, Sgt Ongheen said.

Two officers were assaulted, one head butted on his hairline and the other kicked in the head as they struggled to place him in the police van.

Police had attempted to use OC spray, but were blocked by Fakaosilea's relatives, Sgt Ongheen told the court.

After he was handcuffed, Fakaosilea began "howling loudly and constantly" as officers put him in the back of the police van and took him to the station where it "required three officers to remove him".

"Police told the defendant he was under arrest and that began the rampage," Sgt Ongheen told the court.

"The defendant's actions caused the situation to spiral out of control, creating a very dangerous situation for police and other persons in the vicinity."

When at the watchhouse, Fakaosilea vomited on the floor before he fell asleep in the cell.

At 4.10am, police saw him wake up, walk around and urinate in the cell, which had to be cleaned by a specialised cleaning service at the Queensland Police Service's expense.

Solicitor Anne Murray summarised her client's seven charges of three counts assault police, two of obstruct police, and one each of commit public nuisance and wilful damage of police property, and said Fakasaoliea was "very remorseful".

Ms Murray pointed out the two officers' injuries were minor.

She highlighted the series of events arose from one set of circumstances on one night, and told the court they were the actions of a "very, very intoxicated 21-year-old man".

Magistrate Cameron Press stood the matter down while Fakaosilea was assessed for probation.

He took into account the fact the 21-year-old had previously served time in custody for the offences before he sentenced Fakaosilea to two years' probation with strict conditions.

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