Brett Peter Cowan       Photo: Channel 7
Brett Peter Cowan Photo: Channel 7 Channel 7

Morcombes hope 'porky' killer doing it tough behind bars

UPDATE: DANIEL Morcombe's parents hope his killer is doing it tough behind bars - labelling him "porky" after seeing a photo of him in jail.

The last time Bruce and Denise Morcombe saw Brett Peter Cowan was in March - the day he was convicted of murdering their 13-year-old son.

Mrs Morcombe told Channel 7 on Monday night that the photo put before her showed he had grown his goatee back and died his hair darker.

"He actually looks like he's put a lot of weight on," she said.

"He does look a bit porky," Mr Morcombe added.

He said the goatee chin beard was very prominent but the appearance alteration made no difference.

"You can't change a leopard's spots," Mr Morcombe said.

"No one likes a child killer, a child molester, that's what Cowan is," Mrs Morcombe said.

The Morcombes talk about the man who murdered their son.
The Morcombes talk about the man who murdered their son. Channel 7

They quoted a Wolston Correctional Centre staff describing Cowan - who now goes by prisoner number AO3339 - as quiet but a "bash on sight" target to other inmates.

"You would think he was a model prisoner but there is obviously someone else behind that mask," staff reportedly said.

"He is respectful to officers but that is more because he knows we are the only thing that stands between him and the other prisoners."

A special food request for coco pops was rejected, Channel 7 reported.

Mr Morcombe said he hoped Cowan was copping a hard time in prison.

"We hope he's not doing his time easily," he said.

"I'm sure he's not. We don't feel sorry for him. Suck it up.

"We said throughout the manhunt for Daniel's killer that the person responsible is the most hated person in Australia and I think even after the conviction that is still very much underlined.

"He is a very hated person in Australia."

Cowan was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum 20 years without parole after he was found guilty of murdering Daniel.

He has lodged an appeal against his conviction.

Seven claims 'first' with Daniel Morcombe's killer

CHANNEL 7 says it has obtained the first new picture of Daniel Morcombe's killer in three years as well as gaining a special insight into his life behind bars.

In a promotional video released to APN on Monday, Seven promises to show the 'incredible transformation'' of Brett Peter Cowan on its 6pm news bulletin.

"Daniel Morcombe's killer. You've seen him look like this,'' the teaser says, showing images of the convicted killer, including after his arrest.

"The first picture in three years,'' Seven claims.

"An exclusive insight of what Brett Cowan looks like now and what's his life is like behind bars.''

 Seven has not given any insight yet into how the image was obtained or whether it was taken from within the jail.  

"The photo was obtained by 7 News,'' was all that a Seven official would say.

A post on the Sunshine Coast Daily's Facebook page asked whether people really wanted to see the photo.

Most were disgusted and said that Cowan did not deserve the publicity.

Locals said they stood with Bruce and Denise Morcombe who, they said, would not want to see Cowan's face again.

"Our loyalty lies with D & B. She never wants to see or hear of him again and we don't either. We stand with her forever!!!,'' one wrote.

After a remarkable reaction, the Daily removed the post which included a photo of Cowan, much to the thanks of locals who cited 'people power'.

"Thanks for thinking of us not just what u consider news,'' one responded.

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Cowan was convicted of murder, indecently dealing with a child and interfering with a corpse on Thursday March 13 in the fifth week of a trial.

He had one calendar month to appeal the verdict.

It is believed he will be appealing based on decisions made during pre-trial hearings, specifically the admissibility of Cowan's confessions to covert police and publicity about the case before and during the trial.

Cowan is also expected to argue the justice misdirected the jury, witnesses who knew Douglas Jackway should have been called and other perceived issues during the trial.

There were two mistrial applications during the trial - one related to a Courier Mail front page headline and the other about a potentially prejudicial note left at a memorial site to Daniel that the jury might have seen.

Cowan was found guilty of taking Daniel Morcombe from beneath the Kiel Mountain Rd overpass on December 7, 2003, indecently touching him and then dumping his body in Glasshouse Mountains bushland after killing him through a chokerhold.

He maintained he fabricated the story he told undercover police in Western Australia during an elaborate sting.

The Attorney-General has already lodged an appeal arguing Cowan's sentence - life imprisonment with a 20-year non-parole period - was manifestly inadequate.

Jarrod Bleijie said 20 years, though higher than the mandatory 15 years, was not in line with community expectations and did not set an adequate deterrent.

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