Seyfried obsessed with foul language

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

AMANDA Seyfried loves swearing.

The 25-year-old loves the power foul language has to shock people, and enjoys saying the word widely regarded as the most offensive but is cautious as to when she includes it in her speech.

She explained: "You can't say 'that' word in America but I do use it - when I'm in good hands. I like it because people are so terrified of it. It's weird that words have that much power but I don't feel like I'm doing females wrong by saying it."

The blonde beauty - who was previously in a relationship with Dominic Cooper - has also revealed she enjoyed her role as Valerie in new werewolf movie 'Red Riding Hood' because the character is very similar to herself.

She told Total Film magazine: "When I'm playing a role like Valerie I can kind of let it hang out because I'm very open about my burping and, you know, things that my boyfriend's mother wouldn't appreciate.

"That's just a saying because I don't have a boyfriend right now, but it's nice to play that young carefree girl and sort of be dirty, you know?"

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