Shark Tank survivor tells all

A FORMER Woolgoolga local and entrepreneur featured on Channel 10's new show, Shark Tank, on Sunday night.

Renee Foord, born and bred in Woolgoolga, featured on the national television show to showcase her SlingThings baby slings.

Now based in Newcastle, Ms Foord says she was talked into the initial Shark Tank audition by a friend and, although she found it nerve wracking, she said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for SlingThings to receive national exposure.

BUSINESS BOOST: Renee Foord is ready to introduce her SlingThings baby sling to the lucrative US market.
BUSINESS BOOST: Renee Foord is ready to introduce her SlingThings baby sling to the lucrative US market. Contributed

She had never even considered she would make it past the Shark Tank audition.

"I honestly thought there are so many talented people in Australia with so many amazing ideas there's no way I'd make it past auditions - which suited me - but at least I knew I'd done everything I could," Ms Foord said.

"When they called to say I'd made it to the next round I couldn't believe it."

Ms Foord was even more shocked to receive the call to say she would feature in the first series.

"They said they'd get back to me within a month and a week later they gave me a call. I thought I'd forgotten to give them some paperwork. They assured me that wasn't the case and I had made it through to the show."

Ms Foord said actually appearing on the show was one of the most confronting things she had ever done in business.

"It was confronting and a bit intimidating, but the sharks were lovely and I received some useful feedback."

One of the sharks, Naomi Simpson, retained a sample to pass to a friend in the baby industry while, another shark - Andrew Banks - is taking SlingThings samples to contacts in the United States.

Ms Foord said, the next step for the business was to go into the US market.

In the meantime, Ms Foord said she still enjoys a couple of trips a year back to Woolgoolga to visit family.

"We love coming to visit," she said.

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