Woman 'dead in home for weeks'

The house in Korah Street, Bowen, where the body of a 67-year-old woman, who is believed to have died several weeks ago, was found.
The house in Korah Street, Bowen, where the body of a 67-year-old woman, who is believed to have died several weeks ago, was found. Bowen Independent

A BOWEN woman spent the last moments of her life alone, then she lay dead for several weeks until her body was found in her home.

The body of the 67-year-old woman was discovered at her house in Korah Street, Bowen, on Monday.

It is believed she was a quiet woman, a loner who spent most of her time by herself.

Bowen police Detective Sergeant Mark Inmon said police were alerted to the discovery of the woman’s body during the early hours of Monday evening.

Detective Sergeant Inmon said the woman’s body was found by a relative on Monday afternoon.

“We believe that the woman has been deceased for several weeks,” he said.

“The woman was a person who kept to herself.”

The tragedy of the woman’s death remains a mystery.

Many business owners and residents in the Bowen community were unaware yesterday of her sad passing.

Detective Sergeant Inmon said Bowen police, along with the Criminal Investigation Bureau and forensic officers, would continue their investigations into the death.

He said it was still early days and that further investigations would take place to determine the cause of the woman’s death and find when she had died.

A neighbour, who was contacted by the Daily Mercury, was distraught about the woman’s death and refused to comment.

It is believed that those who knew the woman were unaware she still had been living in her house, thinking instead that she was a patient at Bowen Hospital.

A staff member at McDermott Holden, a mechanical and engine repairs workshop located in Herbert Street, which is the street behind Korah Street, said they had seen two police cars in front of the residence early yesterday morning, but were unaware a woman had died.

Detective Sergeant Inmon said police had not determined whether or not the death was suspicious.

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