Pat Rafter with Kate Burr and Claudia Kirkman at Noosa Civic.
Pat Rafter with Kate Burr and Claudia Kirkman at Noosa Civic. Darryn Smith

Pat Rafter reveals men's habits

AS toxic shock jocks go, Aussie tennis great Pat Rafter knows just who to target when it comes to possibly having a bad drawer – of underwear.

And that is no-one other than the world’s hottest men’s player in the game today, Rafael Nadal, who could do even better if he was to follow Pat’s advice and find himself a comfie pair of undies.

Pat, a two-times US Open winner, was at Noosa Civic yesterday as part of Bonds Undies Amnesty campaign, designed to encourage local guys to get their creeping, sagging or just plain unsanitary undies off in exchange for a free pair of freedom riders.

When it came to the crotch and the crunch in big matches, Pat, a Bonds ambassador, said he never played in a lucky pair of jocks while working his way up to the ranking of world number one.

As long as there was plenty of ball room – for his spare Slazengers while on serve – he was fine.

“Some Europeans liked to wear the jock strap sort of thing – the old Fred Stolle, John Newcombe style – they’re shockers,” Pat said as local chaps at the Civic slipped into the change tent to relieve themselves of the odd-bit of undie under-achieving.

“A few of the boys wore those. I don’t know if they’re still wearing them. I don’t know what Nadal wears, but I’ll have to have a chat to him.

“Jeez, he’s picking his a***, though. It must be a nervous tick or something.”

Or possibly wedgie-itis that Bonds hopes to eradicate world-wide by having men chuck out their feral Y-fronts for some Bonds GuyFront Trunks.

“At the end of the day it’s whatever is comfortable,” Pat said.

“I wouldn’t have lasted with Bonds for eight years if I wasn’t wearing them and they weren’t comfortable.”

Soiled football superstar Joey Johns once admitted to never wearing undies at all in public.

And a Bonds spokesman said a Galaxy survey revealed that as many as 17% of Sunshine Coast men let it all hang loose, shooting the breeze in “go commando” style with nothing under the boardies.

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