Shoe found in search for Daniel

A LONE shoe found at the site where police are searching for the remains of Daniel Morcombe could be the key to unravelling one of Australia’s biggest mysteries.

Police have cautioned that the shoe may be totally unrelated to the investigation, but the Morcombes are quietly hopeful.

“It is potentially significant but we have to wait for forensic testing,” Denise Morcombe said last night.

Police have taken the shoe to the John Tonge Centre – Queensland Health’s Forensic and Scientific Services.

It will be subjected to a range of scientific testing.

That process is expected to take weeks.

Police and SES discovered the shoe about 3pm yesterday at the Beerwah site where they had been searching.

They found the shoe within the primary search area off Kings Road.

Police and search crews have been scouring swampland on the Sunshine Coast since Sunday, after a man was arrested in connection with the schoolboy’s 2003 disappearance.

The day Daniel went missing, December 7, he had been fruit picking in the morning at a nearby farm.

After showering, Daniel put on a red Billabong t-shirt, new baggy shorts and Globe shoes before walking towards the location where he was allegedly abducted.

A police spokeswoman would not comment on the type or size of the shoe located.

Police are also on the lookout for Daniel’s wallet and an old-fashioned fob watch replica carrying the engraving “DAN”.

The search of the site continues.

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