Angry shopper: 'Get the f*** out of my way fatty'

A FRUSTRATED shopper who shoulder charged a check-out girl at a Toowoomba department store has been handed a jail term.

Jai David Blinco had been on parole for unrelated domestic violence order breaches when he became involved in an argument with the 24-year-old check-out girl at a Big W store, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

A store supervisor calmed things down but a short time later Blinco had charged through the check-out area, telling the complainaint woman "Get the f*** out of my way fatty", police prosecutor Senior Constable Natalie Bugden told the court.

Stunned by his actions, the woman had stood still and Blinco dropped his shoulder into her as he rushed passed, knocking her back a couple of steps and leaving her with bruising and swelling to her upper arm and shoulder.

He had then run to a car and driven off.

The complainant woman had been so shocked by the incident she had resigned from the store in fear of her safety, Snr Const. Bugden told the court.

Blinco had spent 31 days in custody for breaching his parole by that incident in November, 2014, and hadn't come to police attention until he was caught driving with the drug "ice" in his system on Gipps St, Drayton, on October 4, last year.

A police search of his Cambooya home on December 28 had also found a Magic Bullet food processor which had traces of marijuana on its blades, the court heard.

Blinco pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm, drug driving and possessing a drug utensil.

His solicitor Phil Stainton told the court his client had been on a disability pension since 2013 for a back problem and mental health issues but he was looking to get back into the workforce.

His client had a history of drug use and had anger, impulse and anxiety issues for which he had been medicated with valium, he said.

Mr Stainton said his client had been placed on 12 months probation for two drug offences just last month and asked Magistrate Graham Lee that his client be given an added period of probation.

Looking over his four-page criminal history, Mr Lee noted all manner of sentencing options had been placed on Blinco in the past including probation, community service and jail terms.

Describing the assault as an unprovoked attack on a young woman, Mr Lee sentenced Blinco to six months in jail but suspended the term in full for 18 months and ordered he pay $400 compensation.

For the drug offences Blinco was placed on 12 months probation to include random drug testing and disqualified from driving for three months.

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