Town gripped by fear after gun fired at family home

Police investigate a shooting incident at this Lowood home. The bullet hole can be seen in the window beside the front door.
Police investigate a shooting incident at this Lowood home. The bullet hole can be seen in the window beside the front door.

UPDATE: Residents say they are fearful and intimidated after a house was shot at in the early hours of yesterday morning.

A vehicle - described only as a white SUV by police - stopped at a house on Kestrel St about 1am, with a shot piercing a glass panel next to the front door of the low-set brick home.

Although the occupants of the house were inside at the time, nobody was injured.

Police spotted the suspect vehicle a short time later on Haslingden Park Dve - about 1km away - and a brief pursuit ensued before being called off due to public safety concerns.

Shaken nearby residents said they were awoken by the sound of two bangs in the early hours.

One man, who asked not to be named, said he thought nothing of the bangs, until police knocked on his door about 4.30am to ask about what he'd seen or heard.

"It was strange because police were going up and down the street on Monday," the man said.

"There was also a bloke on a motorcycle who visited the house half a dozen times in the space of a couple of hours."

Residents in the area said they were concerned about the activities going on in the street and had reported suspicious activity to police in the past.

"It is really concerning for the people around here," the resident said.

"We just try to keep to ourselves."

The Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch is investigating the shooting.

It is believed that a shotgun was used in the attack.

Police said that the shooter was believed to have exited the vehicle and knocked on the front door, before "firing the shot in the vicinity of the front door area".


EARLIER: Police are investigating an incident where it is believed a shot was fired into a residence at Lowood earlier this morning.

Initial inquiries indicate around 1am a residence in Kestrel St was fired upon.

The residence was occupied at the time, however no one was physically injured during the incident.

A vehicle believed to be involved was sighted by police a short time later in Haslingden Park Dr.

Police attempted to intercept the vehicle however it evaded them and a pursuit was commenced but abandoned due to safety concerns.

The vehicle is described as a white SUV.

A crime scene has been established, and investigations are continuing.

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