Should 'activewear' be allowed outside of the gym?

Model Nathalie Darcas wears activewear in Sydney.
Model Nathalie Darcas wears activewear in Sydney. Adam Taylor

ACTIVEWEAR is the new black and somewhere along the line Lycra stretched its way into our everyday wardrobes.

Whether it's on the school run, over a business lunch or in line for a coffee, there's no shortage of yoga tights and sport bras that have probably never seen the inside of a gym.

It's hard to believe there was a time when wearing said items in public was not something to be proud of.

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld famously said: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants."

COAR by Cotton On a new affordable activewear range.
COAR by Cotton On a new affordable activewear range.

Sure, it provides optimum comfort, but is that really justification enough to deck yourself out in head-to-toe Lorna Jane for every occasion?

Since athletic clothes spilt on to the sidewalk as streetwear, it seems you can don colourful Lycra and fluorescent visors just about anywhere without attracting strange stares … supermarkets, hairdressers, restaurants and cinemas are all fair game but where do we draw the line?

I read somewhere that yoga pants now pass as 'business casual'.


Model Lauren Day in active wear that you can wear to the office.
Model Lauren Day in active wear that you can wear to the office. Tim Hunter.

Spandex is (just) one step above body paint - are people actually turning up to business meetings and events dressed like this?

There is a time and a place for skin-tight spandex (hint: the boardroom isn't one of them).

It comes as United Airlines copped an online battering last week after stopping two teenage girls boarding a flight in the US because they were wearing leggings.

"Leggings ARE pants," a number of Facebook users cried.

"They're in fashion, Gigi Hadid wears them."

COAR by Cotton On.
COAR by Cotton On.

While they may pass as sporty chic on a Victoria's Secret model leaving the pilates studio … how hard is it to dress for literally any other occasion?

Those two girls boarding the United Airlines flight were on "company benefit travel" for which there's a dress code you must adhere to - United Airlines weren't in the wrong.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the comfort of sneakers and gym tee's because the situation - corporate events, birthday lunches, nice restaurants - demand it.

And while women have the right to dress however they like (activewear included) I wouldn't show up to work in my PJ's simply because they're the comfiest thing in my wardrobe.

Model Lauren Day in active wear that you can wear to the office. Picture: Tim Hunter.
Activewear was designed for the gym, and if you're not breaking a sweat, dress for the occasion ladies.

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