CAMPAIGNING: Central Highlands councillor and mayoral candidate Gai Sypher.
CAMPAIGNING: Central Highlands councillor and mayoral candidate Gai Sypher. Amber Hooker

Sypher's sights on top job

WITH every intention of becoming the first female mayor for the Central Highlands, Councillor Gai Sypher has thrown her hat in the ring for the top job.

"I have worked very hard representing the region as a councillor for the past four years and I am proud of my achievements particularly in the Gemfields and Capella regions," Gai said.

"I am a staunch supporter of giving local communities an active voice in the democratic decision-making process, hence my ongoing involvement in the establishment of 13 community Reference Groups across the region.

"I have consistently demonstrated a strong loyalty to the people I represent and always go the extra mile to get the best outcome for my constituents.

"My experience as a rural landowner, councillor and campus co-ordinator at the Central Queensland University has given me the leadership skills needed to ensure council works as a strong and united team," she said.

Throughout her campaign, Gai has released weekly position statements on contentious issues via her Facebook page, including Emerald flood mitigation, economic growth and most recently, accountability for councillors.

"If elected, My Emerald Flood mitigation commitment is to ensure that CHRC remains financially viable as a business and a place where people can afford to live," Gai stated.

"If need be, I will vote against levees to achieve this goal."

Gai said she was confident she had the strategic, financial and business acumen required to lead the council and grow the local economy, and is committed to ensure identified projects are investment ready.

"As mayor, I will make also it a priority that councillors are made more accountable and that there is much greater transparency especially when it comes to council proceedings and decisions," she said.

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