Significant weather event predicted to dump over 100mm on CQ

HEAVY RAIN, wind and a cool change will impact Capricornia by the end of the week as a 'pretty significant' weather event makes its way down the Queensland coast.   

Bureau of Meteorology Rockhampton duty weather observer Benj Blunt said early models show the Capricornia region could see falls in excess of 100mm from Friday along with windy and cold daytime conditions.   

"There's a bit of a trough coming down from west north-west of us," Mr Blunt said.   

"In our area we're expecting the rain, probably Friday, Saturday and Sunday we'll get it. Most likely Friday and Saturday and then easing off a bit on Sunday. That's the early indication anyway. 

  "It is hard to tell this far out, to put a real figure on it, but our current models are saying in the Capricornia area could get 50-100mm but it might go even above that in some places. Tomorrow and Wednesday we will have a lot better idea."

  Much of the Central Queensland region experienced its wettest June in about 10 years last month with widespread rainfall, particularly in the central west.   

Weather graphic
Weather graphic

Mr Blunt said those living in the west could expect to see more falls this week.   

"Longreach will get wet again, they'll do okay by the looks of things, they're in that 15-30ml mark at this stage," he said.   

"The higher falls will be more so in the north-west of the state, more so in that area north of Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Hughenden and those sort of places.   

"It is moving from the Indian Ocean down across the top half of the state. As it moves across the further south-east will do well.  

"Winton and Longreach, they'll still get something out of it, you can expect more falls for the west."


And with the rain will come a cool change. 

"It's going to be quite cool as it comes across, the daytime temperatures are going to be down a good 5-10 degrees below the average for the daytime maximums," Mr Blunt said.  

"The cloud coverage and the rain will actually keep the night time temperatures higher than average because they need a clear sky to make it a cold night.   

"Daytime temperatures will be in the mid to high teens for the end of the week and into the weekend. 


"The official Friday forecast doesn't come out until 4pm today but the Thursday forecast is a maximum of 19, 18 for Yeppoon, 18 for Bilo and out west in the Central Highlands between 15-17.


"For Friday we can expect that or cooler again.  It should clear away Sunday into Monday. 

  "It looks like being a pretty significant event."

Mr Blunt explained the recent increase in rainfall was an effect of the Indian Ocean Dipole.   

"We're still in a neutral phase at the moment, there are indications we may go La Nina later this year by the looks of things but this is more from another oscillation called the Indian Ocean Dipole which is similar to El Nino in that the heat goes west to east across the ocean," he said.   

"At the moment it is warm to the north west of Australia so you get what's called a north-west cloud band which goes from the north west and in winter they travel down to the south east of the continent and that's what all of these rain bands are.  

"They originate in the north west of Australia."      

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