The ladies hold their hearts closely as they prepare for a 7000km journey hoping to meet Mr Right.
The ladies hold their hearts closely as they prepare for a 7000km journey hoping to meet Mr Right.

Single and searching for love

DETERMINED not to spend Valentine's Day dateless, five Sydney women will travel across the state to see what talent Emerald has to offer.

In a documentary by Blue Clay Productions, the ladies, aged 30-41 have signed up to a road trip stretching from Adelaide to Emerald.

Laticia Gibson, the organiser behind the documentary, has taken on the role of cupid.

"We see this as an opportunity to shed light on the dating culture across Australia while showcasing some of the magnificent areas and unique personalities of our country," Laticia said.

Laticia, a journalist, kick-started the idea six months ago after being asked to do a story on the lack of men in Sydney.

"I thought, let's do this and let's do it big," Laticia said.

"How many of us have sat alone and wondered, 'am I going to be alone forever?'"

Lara Kilborn, one of the hopeful ladies, is looking forward to the journey just short of her 40th birthday.

"What better way to finish off my 30s than putting myself out there in this type of way," Lara said.

Lara, alongside the four other women, hopes to see the difference in men living in the city, to men in the country.

"I was walking in to a meeting in Sydney, carrying boxes and there were six men outside, and not one offered to open the door for me," Lara said.

"Sydney has too many women vying for the attention of a man."

The ladies arrive in Emerald on January 29, for two days.

"All of the towns chosen are unique in what they have to offer. In Emerald we get that mining aspect and the curiosity of the rugged man," Laticia said.

While on the search for Mr Right, the ladies will also be raising funds for the Cancer Council.

"We've organised fundraising, with all money going towards this cause," Laticia said.

"We've got this element people want to support because it's a cause that touches many lives, and then we've got the aspect of the lonely heart - we've all been there."

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