Police detain six juveniles after pursuit of stolen car

THE Polair chopper was called in to help track six juveniles, who fled into bushland after ramming two police vehicles in a stolen car.

Police first began tracking the stolen Subaru Vortex after it was involved in a petrol drive-off on Junction Rd at Karalee about 11.15am Thursday.

The car was spotted again on the Ipswich Motorway about 15 minutes later, as it headed toward the Logan Mwy exit.

Police crews watched the car as it performed a u-turn and then headed back onto the Ipswich Mwy in the other direction.

The stolen vehicle was followed as it then exited at Dinmore and headed towards the roundabout near the meatworks, where it rammed two police cars before taking off towards Riverview.

Police later found the car dumped on Joseph St, with the offenders getting out and running into the bush.

The Polair chopper kept an eye on the offenders from above as the dog squad was called in.

Police caught three of the juveniles about noon, with the remaining three apprehended within the next hour.

All six of the juveniles are at the watch house while investigations continue.

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