The Block Glasshouse teams pictured with host Scott Cam.
The Block Glasshouse teams pictured with host Scott Cam. Channel 9

Scott Cam reveals The Block Glasshouse's 'sixth' team

THERE'S a sixth team keeping a low profile on The Block Glasshouse.

But it's not a Big Brother-style twist designed to dupe the five teams of the new series.

The sixth team, as host Scott Cam tells The Guide, is the show's own tradies who were required to work alongside the teams on the massive 1980s Prahran office building.

The biggest property renovated on the reality show to date, the 3540sq metre building dubbed the "Glasshouse" will be transformed into five luxury split-level atrium apartments.

"The challenges of this building are the structural demands as required by the engineers," Cam said.

"We've got some massive structural work that goes on amongst the contestants while they're doing their work. We are doing our work from a building point of view to make the building sound and that makes for a very different construction site.

"There are five teams but there are really six teams with us."

Cam admits the Glasshouse was nearly too big a project to complete in just 10 weeks.

Even the show's "sixth" team of builders and tradies had trouble meeting their deadlines.

"We got behind a bit and that was entirely our fault," Cam said.

"That's what happens in the building game; it's real. Problems occur in the building industry and we've got to chase our tails now and then. Sometimes it was a bit too much for all of us.

"This was probably a bit too big this build, but at the end of the day they got it done."

Cam was in the midst of filming the Glasshouse series when he won the Gold Logie in April.

"Everyone was really excited to see the Logie," he said.

But a building site is no place for Australian TV's highest honour; the coveted statue now sits proudly in Cam's dining room.

He promises the new "blockheads" are keen to raise the bar with their renovations, but tomorrow's premiere will see them struggling to make sense of their plans and locate where their apartments are in the building's massive interior, open-plan void.

"We can't make it easy; there's a lot of money at stake to be won," he said.

"There are a few firsts on this show, good and bad.

"They're a good bunch, very entertaining.

"There are a few hot heads, a few blues, but also a bit of fun and pranking. It's a good mix … there's a lot of fun and a few beers to be had."

To say there's good money to be made on the show is a massive understatement.

The four Fans vs Faves teams took home a combined $2.4 million earlier this year at the auction of their four Dux House apartments in nearby Albert Park.

"There was $736,000 for the winners and half a million dollars for the losers," Cam said.

But in Melbourne's ever-changing property market, nothing is guaranteed.

The Block Glasshouse debuts tomorrow at 6.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.

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