Slippery culprit sheds disguise

Rick and Colleen Kraudelt of Kinka Beach pay attention to their birds after a close encounter of the slithery kind.
Rick and Colleen Kraudelt of Kinka Beach pay attention to their birds after a close encounter of the slithery kind. Sharyn O'Neill

DISCOVERING a sly intruder had been in her house as she slept gave Colleen Kraudelt nightmares, and she still shudders at the thought.

And she believes most of her neighbours will know the moment when she discovered the intruder, a 1.5 metre long snake, sleeping peacefully in her Capricorn Coast house.

"The whole of Kinka Beach heard me scream," Colleen said.

At first Colleen and her husband, Rick, noticed a few odd things around the house after returning home following a shopping spree on Saturday, including a radio in their bedroom with the on switch bumped on.

As usual they brought their cockatiels inside at night and locked the house up securely before heading to bed, thinking nothing more of it.

On waking Sunday morning they found the house in chaos, feathers from their birds all over the floor and precious ornaments knocked over with one broken.

But it was the animal excrement they found on their stairs that told the tell-tale sign the intruder wasn't human.

Despite hoping a possum might have been the culprit, neighbours suggested a snake was more likely, so the search began.

Colleen said four friends helped her husband search every corner of their home, coming across a shedded snake skin hanging from the vent of a lower bathroom, before finally locating the sleepy snake curled up quietly behind a vase in the lounge room.

"Just to think it was in our house all night."

While they were able to safely relocate the snake to the nearby bushland, Colleen wants Rick to seal the bathroom vent to prevent snakes getting in again.

"I am laughing now, but I wasn't laughing yesterday."


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