Photo casts new light on Island Arch

SOMETIMES magic just happens with photography.

Thousands of people have taken photographs of Victoria's Great Ocean Road Island Arch, but few have been able to capture its essence like Sunshine Coast photographer Simon Beedle.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, Mr Beedle was able create the impression the sky was an azure, cinema-like blue.

He did not use filters, he used old-fashioned film and "really long exposure" to achieve the stunning result (above).

"Usually before the sun comes up you get the blue tinge. With film it really captures all the blue."

The photograph won Mr Beedle an all expenses paid trip to the Barossa Valley for himself and five mates as part of Australia Tourism's Nothing Like Australia promotion.

It is a photograph that will be impossible to recreate as part of the archway collapsed in 2009.

Also, Mr Beedle is quickly running out of opportunities to buy film.

"I'm going to have to switch to digital soon," he said.

To view more of his photographs visit

Mr Beedle is the second Coast photographer to win a trip in the competition. Only 16 winners will be named Australia-wide.

Adam Gormley, of Noosa, won a trip to Lizard Island for his photograph of a dingo near the Devil's Marbles in the Northern Territory.

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