'Snoring' noises heard from allegedly murdered man

A KEY witness in a Coominya murder trial has described hearing "snoring" noises from a man he alleged his mate had just "killed".

Andrew Kuiper told Brisbane Supreme Court he had travelled to a spot along the Coominya Connection Rd with mates Jason Rex Teichmann and Michael Ambrose to find the body.

He said Teichmann had told them he had just killed Michael Desmond Manson, 48.

Teichmann has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Manson in the early hours of December 9, 2010.

"I thought he was only joking so I said let's go have a look," Kuiper said.

"I saw (Michael) Manson lying on the ground.

"I went to (help move the body) but I couldn't do it.

"So Jamie told me to get out of the way."

Kuiper said Tiechmann and Ambrose lifted the body into the tray of Mr Manson's blue utility, which they then dumped near Atkinsons Dam.

"Since that night I've been drinking constantly," he said.

"It's not something you forget very easily." Kuiper said Teichmann told him he had earlier words with Manson and then had a fight on a roadside soon after.

Mr Manson said: "I thought you could hit harder than that", Kuiper testified Teichmann told him.

"Jason's given it back to him," he said.

"He punched the crap out of him and stomped all over him.

"He said he killed him, not that he was dead."

Under cross-examination from defence barrister Bruce Mumford, Kuiper agreed he had consumed more than 20 drinks that night and his recollection could be impaired.

He agreed he had initially told police he thought Mr Manson was still alive on arrival - that he thought he had just been "knocked out".

Kuiper told police the plan was to put him in his ute to let him sleep it off.

He told the court he gave that version because he was "confused" and "didn't want to admit what had happened".

"I wanted to believe it was true," he said."I was something I couldn't imagine."

Kuiper said the final version he gave police, the one he had testified in court, was the truth.

The trial continues.

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