Winner of Sunshine Coast business award 2016 Esther Bundellu, of The Pocket espresso bar.
Winner of Sunshine Coast business award 2016 Esther Bundellu, of The Pocket espresso bar. Patrick Woods

'So much sacrifice and love': Coast cafe owner

MOFFAT Beach cafe owner Esther Bundellu is urging businesses to claim the recognition they deserve and nominate for a Coast business excellence award.

Ms Bundellu joined dozens of Coast business leaders last night at the launch of the Sunshine Coast Business Awards 2017.

Every day her staff put out positive energy and provide great service at the tiny cafe Ms Bundellu and her brother Jonny run at a beachside cluster of shops near Caloundra.

"They don't always get the recognition for that, so having that up there on the wall and being able to say guys, this is your me so many warm fuzzy feelings."

Ms Bundellu says the process of applying is valuable for any business owner.

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But when her business, Pocket Espresso, shared the Sunshine Coast Business Award top honour for food and beverage sector with Kawana Waters Surf Club last year, she was "blown away".


"To be able to sit alongside some incredible businesses...people were saying names and you'd see them come up on the screen, and half of them I didn't even realise came from the Sunshine Coast.

"It made me feel so proud to be part of such a wonderful business community.

"There's amazing things we're doing for the environment and technology."

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She said business owners rarely received recognition for their work.

"So much sacrifice and love and determination goes into running a small business and in lots of ways you feel like you're a survivor if you make it out the other side," she said.

"To actually win the award last year is such...amazing recognition.

"It was a really special time for us. Not just for me or my brother but for everyone involved."

She said she hoped her win would inspire other businesses to be involved.

For more information on categories and the award entry process visit or click here.

Read more about Ms Bundellu's business here.

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