EASY: Canva lets you generate images to share across various digital channels.
EASY: Canva lets you generate images to share across various digital channels. Georja Ryan

Social media: get amongst it with Canva creativity

AS AN agency we got amongst social media early.

We established ourselves on social networks in 2008 and not long after, started offering social media services.

Today we are a full blown digital marketing agency posting on our clients' social channels, running social media campaigns and offering a wide range of other digital marketing services.

Early on, there was one really annoying sticking point when it came to social media.

We'd create social media graphics for our clients, and upload them, but were often a bit out on the dimensions. So we'd go back to the designer, get them to re-do it, and in short it was a lot of stuffing around and time wasted.

Then the networks themselves started changing the game. One minute cover graphics needed to be "these pixels by these pixels", and the next it was "that by that".

We love how dynamic the industry we operate in can be, but at times it can drive us as crazy as the next person!

So when Canva entered our world a really annoying problem was solved.

Canva gave us the ability to quickly and easily generate professional-looking images to share across the various digital channels without the stuffing around, and with confidence that the graphics were sized correctly from the get-go. No more Googling around on search terms like "latest Facebook cover art sizes", finding a post, and then having to work out if this really was the absolute latest and greatest size guide!

After a few of us had a play with Canva and fell in love, we started introducing it to the wider team.

It's a cloud-based solution, so different team members can log in and pick up where the last person left off, or gain inspiration from what others had created before. Creativity and collaboration at its best. Just the way we like it.

We've introduced work experience students, interns and even clients to Canva along the way. I often joke that the moment we introduce someone new to Canva "that's the last we'll see of them for two weeks" as they delve with great delight into the product and relish every minute of feeling the accomplishment of producing super cool graphics with ease.

From doing work experience with us and playing with tools like Canva, it dawns on many students just how multi-skilled you have to be to gain employment and keep a job in our industry, and that it is basically now a necessity to have some level of digital literacy and some understanding of digital marketing. After all, where is all the ad spend going these days?

So if you haven't checked out Canva yet, I'd strongly recommend it! It's a cool tool and will help you look super professional on your digital channels!

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