REGIONAL BENEFITS: The Adani-owned Rugby Run solar farm reflects the transitional nature of energy supply in the Isaac region.
REGIONAL BENEFITS: The Adani-owned Rugby Run solar farm reflects the transitional nature of energy supply in the Isaac region. Contributed

Solar farm boosts economy

THE Rubgy Run solar farm, southwest of Moranbah, has been switched on and is being praised for providing jobs to locals, being part of a vital network of projects worth "hundreds of millions of dollars” in the Isaac region, as well as demonstrating the region's industry diversity.

An Adani Australia spokesperson said this week that during construction of the solar farm, contractors were used from Clermont, Chinchilla, Bowen and Townsville, "ensuring the benefits of the Rugby Run investment were focused on regional Queensland”.

"By working closely with all parts of the energy sector, including renewables, developers such as Adani Renewables Australia, the Isaac region has secured projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars that directly inject jobs and economic benefits into the local economy,” the spokesperson said.

"The Isaac region is well- positioned as a critical region with a highly skilled workforce to deliver for the energy sector, whether it's renewables, gas, coal or other forms of energy provision.”

Greater Whitsunday Alliance CEO Garry Scanlan said this week that Rugby Run was a reflection of the transitional nature of energy supply in the region.

"It shows that coal and mining doesn't exist in exclusivity to renewable energy and we think this is a great demonstration of that,” Mr Scanlan said.

"It also demonstrates the diversity of projects in the Isaac region.

"Isaac is not only mining and resources - there's renewable energy and very strong agriculture, livestock and horticultural sectors and they exist together.”

The Rugby Run solar farm has 247,000 solar panels which will ramp up to full operation to deliver 65MW and 185,000MWh of electricity each year, equal to about the amount of energy it takes to power 23,000 homes annually.

Adani Renewables Australia business manager Derek Chapman said Rugby Run was Adani Renewables Australia's flagship project in Australia.

"The construction of the farm enabled us to employ more than 175 people during peak construction periods,” Mr Chapman said.

The solar panels have been programmed to rotate to track the sun efficiently and also to move to the most effective angles to withstand inclement wind and weather.

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