Sophie Monk is Australia's new Bachelorette.
Sophie Monk is Australia's new Bachelorette. Channel 10

Sophie Monk casting a wide net as Bachelorette

MEN are already lining up for their chance to win the heart of radio star Sophie Monk, whose announcement as the next The Bachelorette has come - in a first for the reality show - before casting for her potential suitors.

And in another first, the age bracket for the bachelors has been widened, with 37-year-old Monk open to finding love with men aged from 25 to 45.

For previous Bachelorettes Georgia Love, 27, and Sam Frost, 26, the bachelors were aged 23-35.

Monk was yesterday spotted enjoying a glass of wine as she waited for her flight back to Sydney from Melbourne, where she attended the Logies on Sunday.

An insider said since Monk was announced as The Bachelorette, producers had been "inundated" with inquiries from potential suitors before casting starts this weekend.

"They are looking at appealing to perhaps men who are more established, know what they are looking for, as well as single dads," the source said.

"But Sophie is absolutely open to a younger man as well, and the lower end of the range is 25.

"We absolutely want younger guys to be encouraged to apply, (guys) who know what they want and are confident in themselves.

"Age and type is not a limitation when it comes to finding love."

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